December 29, 2010

Thank You 2010!

Chris Savage

Founder, CEO

2010 was a big year for us here at Wistia. We accomplished more than we hoped for and had a ton of fun. To all those who gave Wistia a try, thanks! To everyone who gave us feedback, thanks! Without your feedback and support we wouldn’t have known where to go or how to get there.

We got our Wistia sign in 2010!

Here are some of the features you pushed us to create in 2010:

  • Social Bar - You asked and asked and asked, so we delivered. The Social Bar allows you to add social features such as viral embedding, a Facebook “Like” button, or Tweet button to your videos or playlists.
  • Video Player API - With the Javascript API you can control the video player programmatically. Add post-roll links, chaptering to videos, or even launch other on-page actions that are timed to a video.
  • Identity Tagging - Now you can tag video heatmaps with an email address! You can see how everyone on your mailing list is watching your videos.
  • Publicly Available Stats - Show your viewers your great and interesting video stats. (Here’s an example).
  • iPhone/iPad Support - Now your viewers can watch content on all iOS devices. There are even touch enabled interfaces for playlists, videos, and Wistia accounts.
  • Wordpress embedding plugin - This simple and easy-to-install plugin lets you embed Wistia videos in your Wordpress blog with a single URL.
  • Smart Encoding - This end-of-year treat automatically analyzes your video once it’s uploaded and creates an optimized video encode based on length, type of video, size, and some other super secret formulas.
  • HTML5 Compatible Playlists - The Slimlist was launched so that you can easily generate flashless playlists that work everywhere.
  • Upload Widget - Now you can create an upload widget for your own website that allows your users to upload directly to your Wistia projects!
  • Data API - With the API you can easily build video centric websites or deeply integrate Wistia with your existing tools.
  • iPhone/iPad Analytics - Video Heatmap analytics became fully compatible with iOS devices!
  • Public Projects - You can make projects/videos inside Wistia public so that they can be used as landing pages and shared on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.
  • SSL Video Embedding - This new embedding option allows you to embed your Wistia videos on HTTPS pages without pesky security warnings.
  • Video SEO - These features make it easy to build and manage video sitemaps so that your videos can be indexed by Google. Video SEO can even help boost your website’s ranking and placement in search engine results!

Thanks again for 2010. We can’t wait for 2011.

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