April 18, 2011

Where in the World are the Wistia T-Shirts

Chris Savage

Founder, CEO

Where, outside of our offices, would you be likely to spot someone wearing a Wistia shirt? We just gave away a whole bunch of t-shirts in some contests, and we plotted the winners’ addresses to find out the answer.

Not surprisingly, since we’re located in the States, most of the shirts went out to the US. We still had a good smattering of international winners, though, as the Post Office workers in Davis Square can testify (it took us a while to fill out all of our customs forms). Most of our jet-setting shirts headed out to Canada, Britain or Australia, but China, Norway, and Spain will rep for Wistia with a single shirt each.

Where in the US and Canada did the shirts end up? Take a look:

Outside of our office in Somerville, MA, where you can see at least one person sporting a Wistia shirt every day, the most likely place to spot one of our shirts is the northeastern coast of the US and the Great Lakes region. There seems to be a strange correlation between Wistia shirts and non-square states.

There you have it! Next time you see a Wistia t-shirt in Norway, you’ll know you’re witnessing something rare and special.

As we see more shirts in the wild we’ll be adding them to this flickr group.

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