March 25, 2013

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Alyce Currier


If you’re an extra-avid Wistia stalker (which we neither expect nor require), you might have noticed that last Friday we missed our Non Sequitur Fridays feature. That’s because we were all on a ski trip in Killington, Vermont, and wanted to leave room to recap it here!

We spent two nights together in close quarters, much like an abbreviated edition of reality TV show Big Brother, but with a lot more Settlers of Catan.

The gathering begins. So young, so innocent.

Supply car.

To the slopes!

Cold, powdery bonding.

A pile of Wistians!

One of many spills.

Alyce being rescued from certain death by Jim.

Max S. being rescued from certain death by Adam.

Things got weird fast. Thanks, Jason!

We had to take that photo.

Wistia’s official office trip drinking game, Landlines. Don’t even ask because you don’t want to know.

Settlers! The game that ruined all of our friendships. Forever.

Serious about supper.

Snowmobile crew!

Jeff pondering the vastness of the universe and what it all means.

See you next year, Killington …  if you dare.

Alyce Currier


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