Wistia's Guide to Video Marketing Automation in Marketo

Learn how to capture, score, segment, and assign leads in Adobe Marketo Engage with your Wistia videos.

Lisa Marinelli


Do you use Adobe Marketo Engage to attract, segment, and nurture leads? And do you want to bring the power of video into the mix? If your answer to both questions is “yes,” it’s high time you integrated your Marketo and Wistia accounts!

With these two together, you can capture leads with your videos and then automatically pass their video viewing data into Adobe Marketo Engage to score, segment, and assign them. It’s a partnership sent from, well, marketing paradise.

In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how combining the powers of Wistia and Marketo can help your business and make your investment in video go further.

The Adobe Marketo Engage integration is only available on our Advanced Plan. Check out our pricing page for more information about this plan or get in touch with someone on our sales team!

Collect leads from your videos and send their contact info to Marketo

Video is a great way to engage your potential customers and collect leads. That’s why we designed the Wistia + Adobe Marketo Engage integration to make it easy to turn your videos into lead-generating machines. You can easily add custom video thumbnails to your Marketo campaigns and collect lead information right from your video player with Wistia Turnstiles or Marketo forms.


Wistia’s Turnstile email collector makes it a breeze to identify new and known leads. It gathers lead information from your Wistia stats and then adds those leads to one of your Marketo static lists.

Each new lead collected will show up as a new contact in Marketo. What about viewers who are already identified leads in your Marketo account, you might ask? Well, the integration will help keep your contact cards nice and tidy by updating only the fields that are missing.

Want to know what else is neat? Once a lead fills out their info in Turnstile, their past engagement activity gets linked to their record. This means you can track their entire journey to conversion right in their Marketo activity log. And if that person has any unidentified historical viewing data in Wistia, it gets matched to their profile too.

Want to get started with Turnstile? Just go to a video page in your Wistia account and open the Customize panel.

Marketo forms

Are you already using forms that you created in Marketo? You can put those right into your Wistia videos! They’ll act exactly the same as Marketo forms, except they’ll appear in your video like a Turnstile or a Call to Action (CTA).

Once the integration is enabled, a Marketo Forms section will appear in the Customize panel. You can choose which form to display in your video either by selecting it from a drop-down list or entering the form’s name. You can also decide when to display it and add helpful prompt text to encourage viewers to complete your form.

When your leads show up in Marketo, you’ll get to see their video viewing data — and make better decisions about who to reach out to and when. Keep your leads sizzling!

Did you know that you can use Marketo’s interesting moments feature to pass a contact’s key moments to Salesforce? This is a great way to alert your sales team to follow up with a lead when they engage with specific content.

Seamlessly send webinar registrations to Marketo

If you’re hosting live events and webinars with Wistia Live, you can funnel all your registrants right into a designated Marketo list. This frees your event organizer from creating specific lists for each individual event. Simply choose where to sync your leads and rest assured that they’ll be associated with your campaigns.

Syncing your webinar registrations with Marketo isn’t just great for understanding your leads; it’s also a win for your entire team.

You’ll get a clearer view of who’s signing up and showing up for your virtual events. Webinar hosts will get valuable insights that’ll help them identify and qualify leads who are most likely to convert. And your sales team? They’ll appreciate these insights for prioritizing leads! Additionally, your marketing team can use the collected leads (whether they attended the event or not) to create specific nurture workflows to engage with these leads and guide them toward converting.

All you gotta do is head over to your live event’s registration page and then hit “Sync Registrations” to pick your desired Marketo list.

If you’d like to update the list, find the “Update Registration” button and choose a new list. No need to recreate a whole new event within Wistia!

Create custom workflows in Marketo

Here’s a rapid-fire rundown of some of the best custom workflows you can create with the Wistia + Adobe Marketo Engage integration.

Nurturing workflows

When you funnel new leads into Marketo from Turnstile, it’s smart to drop them into a nurturing workflow right away. If a lead isn’t linked to a workflow, they might miss out on more info about your company — and they may even end up forgetting about you. That’s why we highly recommend keeping your leads engaged with a custom welcome or nurture program.

Scoring leads

When a lead watches one of your videos to the end, they’re obviously interested in that video’s content and much more ready to hear from your sales team. So how do you identify your hottest leads right when they’re primed for a sales conversation? It’s easy: You just gotta score your leads.

Create layered scores that reflect video engagement as an indicator of interest. For example, anyone who presses “play” on a video might get five points, while watching a video to 50% or 75% completion could trigger an additional 15 points. As these scores add up, you can quickly and easily filter your most qualified leads right in Marketo.

Triggering alerts

When leads are watching important videos, you’ll want to know about it. First, identify which of your videos have the most impact on your audience. If there’s a certain video or set of videos where watching past 75% would demonstrate an exceptional level of interest, make sure you know who’s watching. Then you can set an alert to a lead owner or pass an interesting moment over to Salesforce. This way, your sales team can jump on these hot leads right away.

Create a report

You’ve put a lot of effort into creating videos that convert, but how do you know if they’re generating return on investment (ROI)? Once you’ve collected viewing data for at least a few weeks, create a report of deals closed or active sales conversations with smartlists in Marketo. Are those contacts engaging with videos at a higher rate than the rest of your audience? If so, you’re well on your way to concretely proving ROI from your video content.

Enhance marketing automation with viewing and listening data

When you automatically add leads to a Marketo list via a Marketo form in your videos or on a landing page, you can use those leads’ viewing and listening data to enhance your marketing automation.

Just choose from a number of media event triggers to build your automation:

  • Clicked “play”
  • 25 percent watched
  • 50 percent watched
  • 75 percent watched
  • 100 percent watched

Here’s what else you can automate:

You can create smart campaigns based on engagement data, including scoring, triggered emails, alerts to sales, and interesting moments. For example, when a person plays at least 50 percent of a video or podcast on your website, you can automatically send them an email about a relevant topic a few days later. If a person enters their email address into a Turnstile, you can notify your sales team to follow up with them. Pretty neat, eh?

Make your investment in video go further

Now that you know what you can do with the Wistia + Adobe Marketo Engage integration, are you ready to power up your video marketing? If you’re already on the Wistia Advanced Plan, head on over to our support page for help with setting up the integration. Not on the Advanced Plan yet? Check out our pricing page for more information or get in touch with someone on our sales team!

Lisa Marinelli


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