5 Wistia Features to Help Growth Marketers Drive Video ROI

Lisa Marinelli


If you’re a growth marketer trying to help your company win new customers, Wistia just might be the best platform to meet all your video marketing needs. When it comes to testing your ideas and helping you implement data-driven tweaks, Wistia’s features are more than bells and whistles. Let us give you a quick rundown of five features for growth marketers that will help you drive new customers to your brand and clearly see the ROI of your team’s video marketing strategy.

1. CRM Integrations

First on the list, we have Wistia’s ability to integrate with growth marketers’ favorite tools. Whether you use HubSpot, Marketo, or Pardot for your customer relationship management, Wistia automates video data collection right to your CRM.

Our integrations make it possible to execute lead scoring based on contact-level video engagement, which gives you more visibility into how videos attribute to or perform against the qualification of a lead.

This feature also provides sales reps with better insights into how prospects engage with their videos. By viewing data passed into your sales or success team’s CRM, they can better understand their prospect or customer’s content consumption. By identifying their needs and pain points, your team will be poised to craft more personalized outreach.

Dig into more details and browse Wistia’s full list of integrations!

2. Turnstile email collector

Another feature growth marketers love is Turnstile — our email collector that makes it easy for you to gate video content and collect leads.

Turnstile gives demand and growth marketers complete control over the timestamp when the form will appear. You can also control the entire experience with options to display a form discreetly on hover or pause the video to capture your viewer’s attention.

Plus, with a CRM integration for automation in place, you’ll be golden for growth!

3. A/B testing

Now, let’s talk about A/B testing (or multivariate testing). You could say A/B testing is in the DNA of growth marketing.

Built-in A/B testing in Wistia is a pretty sweet feature that will put two of your videos head-to-head — and set up is a breeze! After you pick two videos from your Wistia account to test, you’ll get insights about their performance to help you draw better conclusions about landing page conversion.

The themes and philosophies of A/B testing can also be applied to customizations like Calls to Action (CTAs) and Thumbnails to understand whether certain words or images impact human behavior.

For growth marketers with endless ideas, we think A/B testing will help you put more data behind your decision-making.

Learn more about why these tests are so helpful and how you can incorporate A/B testing into your video marketing strategy!

4. Reach & Retarget

With third-party cookies disappearing, leveraging your own first-party data is more important than ever for growing your audience. Our Reach & Retarget feature can help you do just that!

Whether you want to reach an entirely new audience or retarget to video viewers, Wistia seamlessly feeds your video engagement data to third parties to build custom lists.

What does this mean exactly? You can create personalized audiences and nudge viewers to take action based on video data. For example, you can quickly set up ads targeting folks who:

  • Watched less than 25% of one video
  • Watched more than 50% of one video
  • Watched more than one video

Make use of your owned data by creating custom audiences that expand your reach across Google and Facebook’s extensive networks.

Learn more about Reach & Retarget and how to use video data in your retargeting campaigns!

5. Advanced video analytics

Finally, our powerful video analytics can help growth marketers track play rate and completion rate with engagement graphs, viewer-based tracking, and video heatmaps. The data doesn’t stop there! Our video data tells you the percentage of viewers who clicked play, percentage viewed, total time watched, CTAs clicked, and more. Social stats will also show you how your videos performed on social media.

However, looking solely at video data isn’t going to provide a holistic view of how your growth marketing performs. Luckily, our integrations with top analytics providers like Google Analytics, Databox, and more can help you connect the dots between your marketing campaigns. Leveraging an analytics integration will help you really understand website behavior and how video impacts your overall growth.

Get a closer look at your video strategy

If you’ve been missing a tool that can help you look at your video marketing with a data-driven lens and test out your ideas, we think Wistia can help you develop a winning strategy. If you want to explore more of our product and find out how it best fits your needs, feel free to get in touch with us!

Lisa Marinelli


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