How SAHOURI. Builds a Personal Touch with Video

Find out how SAHOURI uses Wistia and Soapbox to offer smart insurance solutions for clients and employees with a personal touch.

SAHOURI plays a leading role in the insurtech movement, which involves the use of technology to help make the insurance process smarter and more efficient for consumers. For many people, insurance questions are some of the most worrisome, and nothing is more stressful than when you feel like your problems aren’t being heard. By using video to explain, remind, and connect, SAHOURI builds better relationships while helping their business succeed.

Explainer videos highlight key benefits

With a fiduciary liability to help educate people, SAHOURI’s domestic and global benefit departments send their clients screen recordings using Soapbox to explain their benefits. Right now, SAHOURI’s initiative with benefits explainer videos is strictly healthcare related. With these videos, they’re able to communicate in multiple languages with clients all around the world.

When folks at SAHOURI send these videos, the human resources manager on the other end of the line is then responsible for distributing the videos to their respective employees. SAHOURI looks at viewer data within Wistia to inform benefits managers whether folks are watching the videos or not, with their ultimate goal being helping employees properly use their plans to their fullest potential.

Hussain Al-Mutawakil, Marketing Manager at SAHOURI, said when employees use their plans more effectively, group costs stay low. For some group plans, one bad apple can ruin the entire bunch. Depending on the size of your company, if you misuse your plan, it can affect the bottom line of your whole group. These videos help simplify the world of insurance and also remind SAHOURI customers that they are invested in helping them get the most out of their benefits.

“These videos help simplify the world of insurance and also remind SAHOURI customers that they are invested in helping them get the most out of their benefits.”

Email signature videos humanize advisors

Educating people with video is not the only way SAHOURI builds better relationships with their customers. They also use video to make their advisors more human by showcasing their authentic selves.

Meet Rossy Vargas. She’s a rockstar senior employee benefits advisor at SAHOURI, and this is her email signature video. Aside from an introduction, Rossy shares her passions, and as viewers, we’re able to connect with her more personally because of it. Email signatures help shed advisors’ stereotypical hard-sell mentalities and help enhance SAHOURI’s brand as believers in the power of relationships.

For Rossy, getting in front of the camera was intimidating at first, but she was pleasantly surprised by all the positive feedback she received.

“At first, I was very hesitant to film the video…not only [was I] camera shy, but [I] also didn’t believe that the personal exposure was necessary. However, our videographer made it very simple and helped me with the formatting of the content. I’ve been stopped at Embassy functions as they recognize my face from the video. My signature video has truly created a stronger bond with my clients. They have now put a face to an email, and it’s given them that extra personal touch that is so hard to deliver via email.”
Rossy Vargas
Insurance Advisor, SAHOURI

Video pulls back the curtain to help humanize folks who work in this industry. For any company who wants to establish genuine connections, a simple email signature video can leave a lasting positive impression.

Driving results with gamification and video

These email signatures not only made SAHOURI employees more relatable and personable, but they also happened to drive real, tangible results! Here’s how they did it.

SAHOURI sought to create more intimate relationships with their clients with the hopes of increasing customer satisfaction, retention, and cross-sell rates. As a fun way to encourage and motivate their advisors, they introduced gamification with an internal contest called “Race to the Top.”

Their personalized email signature videos were the first assets created for gamification. Reaching out to clients through video was the best way to break the ice. Hussain said, “If people know what you look and sound like, they’re more likely to trust you and accept your advice when offering them products that they need.”

“Race to the Top’s” first season began on September 14, 2017. By the time their season was over in Q2, they had increased cross-sale leads by 200% from the previous quarter. This season was their most successful yet, and their email signature videos continue to help drive results.

“In the contest’s three-month run, they saw more than a 200% increase in the number of cross-sale leads.”

By getting their own team involved with making video in a friendly and fun competition, SAHOURI proved they could create better relationships with their clients and increase their cross-sell rates.

The future of communication

SAHOURI continues to change the way people perceive their industry by communicating in a friendly, accessible way. Aside from their email signature and explainer videos, they’re looking to integrate video deeper into their business.

SAHOURI plans on continuing to build up their video library, as well, in order to help scale their internal training program, “Grow the Pro.” For SAHOURI, video will set them apart as a company building a personal touch to make insurance simple in an industry where communication often feels impersonal.

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