Customer Showcase

Get inspired by some of our most creative customers,
and allow us to toot their horns a bit while we're at it—toot toot!
  1. Creating Deeper Connections with "Demo-litions" and Wistia Channels

    To help their audience become better salespeople, Sales Hacker produced a video series and showcased it using a Wistia Channel.

  2. Amplifying the Power of B2B Content with Wistia Channels

    Learn how Wistia helps MarketScale grow brands and engage audiences better by showcasing original and client content in a Wistia Channel.

  3. How Formlabs Educates and Onboards Customers and Prospects with Video

    Learn how Formlabs is using Wistia Channels and other features to enhance their brand experience.

  4. How a Craft Beverage Software Company Benefits from Video and Wistia Channels

    Learn how Orchestra Software is using Wistia Channels to display their most valuable video assets to customers and prospects.

  5. How Nextep Transforms Their Sales Process with Soapbox

    Learn how Nextep uses Soapbox to build better relationships by communicating big-business benefits to their prospects.

  6. How SAHOURI. Builds a Personal Touch with Video

    Find out how SAHOURI uses Wistia and Soapbox to offer smart insurance solutions for clients and employees with a personal touch.

  7. A Growing Real Estate Brand Built on Video

    How can an aspirational business, in a competitive sales environment rife with reputation issues stand out? Video is the answer