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Power Bespoke

A Growing Real Estate Brand Built on Video

How can an aspirational business, in a competitive sales environment rife with reputation issues stand out? Video is the answer

It’s probably fair to say that real estate has some reputational issues as an industry. Buyers fear dealing with snake-oil salesman desperate to make a quick buck, and sellers worry that poor listings and distribution will lead to a slow sale at a low price.

So how can an aspirational business, in a competitive sales environment rife with reputation issues stand out? By being more personal, and more human, with video.

Perry Power founded Power Bespoke with just £25,000 in his pocket and has since grown his idea into a renowned business handling clients across London, Sussex and Surrey in the UK. Having supported his mother through a bad experience as a kid, Perry was inspired to become a property entrepreneur, and determined to do things differently.

Go to the website or social media profile of any major realtor (“Estate Agent” in the UK) and you’ll notice that it’s typically awash with jargon, flashy images and a brand defined by a strict color scheme and a professional “look.”

But, when you’re buying or selling the biggest and most personal asset you’re likely to have in your life – would you rather deal with a large corporation or an individual who personally cares about you and your story?

That’s where Power Bespoke have stood out – making their business more personal, and more human, with video, and specifically, Soapbox.

What’s preferable as a seller? Receiving an email with a list of recommendations for improving your listings, or a video walkthrough with Perry’s Team explaining their reasoning.

In addition to using video for Sales, Power Bespoke have used video as a foundational tool in marketing. Rather than treating their professional expertise as closely guarded secrets, Perry and the team are putting them out there, for free, so their prospective customers (and competitors!) can see how they approach business, and get a flavor for the strategies they’re likely to use when selling property.

The numbers speak for themselves. Where most properties typically sell at 95.8% of their valuation price, Power Bespoke have achieved 100.2% average sale price compared to valuation.