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National Crime Agency

Raising Awareness of Cybercrime

The National Crime Agency used this video in a campaign targeted at parents in the UK.

The National Crime Agency is a law enforcement and police agency in the United Kingdom, and as is the case elsewhere in the world, law enforcement agencies in the UK are increasingly focusing on cybercrime.

The National Crime Agency launched a campaign called #cyberchoices to help raise awareness around teenage cybercrime, which has become one of the greatest threats to national security.

In other words:

“More and more teenagers are getting involved in cybercrime, without actually realizing the consequences their actions might bring. To help counter this ongoing threat, the National Crime Agency commissioned the ’Cyber Choices’ film. The aim of the film was to raise awareness of this growing issue, especially amongst parents. Although primarily designed for viewing online, the National Crime Agency had also specified potential cinema distribution. We therefore had to consider screen ratio, picture resolution and sound design with this in mind. The film was shot on an Arri Alexa at 4K resolution to provide the maximum resolution and dynamic range for large screen projection. Anamorphic lenses were then used to enhance the image quality by making the most of the vertical resolution and also producing a shallower, more cinematic depth of field. A Dolby 5:1 surround sound mix was then added to the film to comply with cinema standards. ‘Cyber Choice’ was posted on the National Crime Agency’s YouTube and Facebook channels. The numbers of views are rising daily, but within the first week Facebook reached 200,000 views and YouTube reached 40,000 views. We are extremely proud of all that the ’Cyber Choices' film has achieved so far. Not only has it helped achieve its target in raising awareness around cybercrime, but it has also won awards at some of the world’s most prestigious award ceremonies — Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, New York Festivals, and EVCOM Screen Awards.”
Faye Hagerty
Head of Marketing & Creative Development, The Edge Picture Company