Telling the Company's Story

With a minimal budget, FieldCandy shows how to make a product video that’s polished and fun.

FieldCandy may be a small company, but they market and sell their recreation and leisure products throughout the world through their e-commerce platform and retailers such as Harrods. Given the visually stunning and playful nature of the merchandise FieldCandy designs and manufactures, they wanted to produce a video that showed off the wide array of their products and the way people use them.

Only one thing stood in their way: they had hardly any budget to work with. But in the end, and for about $200, they were able to produce an overview video that exceeded their goals without breaking the bank.

In their own words:

“We wanted to ‘tell our story so far,’ enabling our audience — either potential investors, retailers, direct customers, suppliers, or staff — to see what we do and the journey we’ve been on. The stumbling block was budget––there was none! So we borrowed a camera and used assets that we already had to link together with new video footage. A member of our team wrote and sang the musical accompaniment, and a number of our staff appeared in the various clips. The total cost of this video was under $200, and we’re very proud of how it turned out. It’s not ’posh' or highly edited, but it tells the story and reflects who and what we are. The reaction from all that see it is superb, and it’s been extremely helpful in securing new business and recruiting new staff. We believe it also adds to the visitor experience on our site.
John Harris
Founder, FieldCandy