State of Video For Business 2017

Volume 1

Volume 1

As a video platform, we work with over 300,000 companies across all different industries. Software, healthcare, education, financial services... you name it. They're all using video.

We dug into the 6.7M videos created and uploaded by our customers so far in 2017 to bring you our first volume of the State of Video for Business. This new report covers critical (and interesting!) stats including daily video consumption trends, popular video lengths, and more.

The data in this report focuses on Q3 in the context of 2017 as a whole, but we'll be creating new reports on a bi-annual basis, so stay tuned.

2017 So Far

2017 So Far

In 2017, our customers have collectively uploaded 59.6M minutes of video.

That's over 100 years of video.

Business videos bring that human touch back to online business (and they also impact the bottom line). Videos help companies showcase the real people behind products and brands. They help boost email click-through rates. They help sales representatives close deals. They help support teams explain tough concepts in personable ways. In short, they help people make meaningful, memorable connections with teammates, customers, and prospects. You don’t have to take our word for it. The proof is in the numbers.

In Q3 alone, 2.4M individual videos were uploaded through our platform, representing 21.4M minutes of video that were played over 371.1M times.

Our Findings

Total Minutes of Video Uploaded

How popular is business video?

Between Q1 and Q3 2017, the total minutes of video uploaded across the companies using our platform increased by 17.9% (from 18.1M to 21.4M).

total minutes of video uploaded

Total Number of Video Plays

total number of videos played

Is anybody watching?

As the total minutes of video uploaded increased, the demand for video content grew with it. We saw a year-over-year increase in video plays from Q3 2016 to Q3 2017 of 10.2%.

Weekly Viewing Trends

weekly viewing trends

When are people tuning in?

Video plays mostly occur during the week. It turns out people are watching business video when they’re at work (shocking, we know), with spikes early in the work week. On an average weekday in Q3, viewers consumed over 25M minutes of video.

Average Length of Video

How long are videos these days?

The data shows that short, digestible content is also popular for businesses, with the majority (52%) of videos uploaded in Q3 falling below 3 minutes in length.

average length of video

Email Captures in Video

email captures in video

Are email gates effective?

Year over year, we’ve seen a 27% increase in email captures with our in-video email gate: Turnstile. As more and more businesses integrate video into their strategies, we anticipate that this number will continue to rise. Everyone loves a good lead gen tool.

These data points are good for business - ours included! At Wistia, we've seen a year-over-year increase of 11.7% in new business signups via video (up from 28,475 in Q3 2016 to 31,832 in Q3 2017).


The data in this report focuses on Q3 in the context of 2017 as a whole. We queried our data warehouse to find total usage numbers across our entire customer base.

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