Improve Your Wistia Workflows: 6 Integrations for You to Try On

July 24, 2017

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Margot Mazur

Margot Mazur

Business Development

In today’s digitally integrated world, it’s important that the tools you already use work well together. That’s why we’re excited to launch the second round of our add-on integrations over on our Add-Ons page!

Each of these 6 integrations has something valuable to offer. Collaborate seamlessly during the production process, gain actionable information from your videos, save precious time with automation, and more!

6 new integrations for you to try on


Wipster is a review and approval tool that allows your team to review a video and leave feedback before you make the final touches. Add your video to Wipster, share it with your team, get the feedback you need, and arrive at that final version with confidence and a smile. After your team has approved the final video, you can easily push it to Wistia and embed it for all the world to see.

Whether you add your video to your website, a landing page, or somewhere else, you’ll be able to quickly understand how your audience watches and responds to your final cut. If you need to make any changes, hop back into Wipster to produce your next iteration.

Pushing to Wistia from Wipster will make your workflow seamless and save you time. Check out the integration documentation here — happy editing!

Getting video analytics into your marketing dashboard just got a lot easier with’s new Wistia integration. Analyzing your content marketing’s performance starts with rounding up all the right analytics, and makes this process super simple.

With the new integration, you can generate beautiful reports and dashboards, and share them with your team in no time. Whether you’re hoping for a more granular daily “pulse” or a high-level custom report,’s got you covered. It’s a content marketer’s paradise. shows you how your website pages are doing, and how your videos on those pages are performing. This data-focused tool pushes Wistia’s video analytics into that page’s dashboard, so you have a clear view of how your content is performing and how your videos contribute to your content’s success.

Set up the integration here, and say goodbye to your reporting worries. For good.


Ah, Zapier. The time-saving automation tool that makes our lives oh so much easier. Zapier allows you to automate the manual tasks that you already spend too much time on. Wistia’s Zapier integration takes several video-related tasks off your to-do list.

You can automate everything from uploading videos from your Dropbox to Wistia, starting new projects from Dropbox files, uploading leads from Turnstile to Google Sheets, sending a Slack message when someone enters their email into Turnstile, and so much more. In fact, you can use Zapier to connect Wistia to over 750 other apps and send data between them, customizing automation to fit the tools you already use.

“We use a Zap that integrates Wistia and Gmail for getting emails with leads information in real time, so we respond to the possible client in minutes.”
Oscar Granadino, co-founder of Qwantec

Find out which zaps can help you save the most time in the Wistia Zapbook, and get automating!


As a content marketer, having all of your marketing materials in one place is a major timesaver. Using the Wistia<>Uberflip integration, you can consolidate your marketing videos along with your other assets, so you never have to switch from platform to platform.

Easily import your videos into your Uberflip resource center, knowledge base, sales content hub — you name it — so that your videos live among your other content, and you get the full picture.

“We use Uberflip for our video forms since it is already integrated with our other reporting tools, then we get the added benefit of the branded experience with Wistia.”
BJ Dodenbier, Digital Marketing Specialist @ Workfront


According to Buffer, 60% of marketers use video in their social media marketing strategy — social video is taking over the web! Using the Wistia<>Promo integration, you can create quick videos to add to your social media pages that same day. Make them in Promo, then push ’em to Wistia and add them to a Wistia project.

Ready to create quick and simple social videos for your marketing strategy? Set up the Promo<>Wistia integration, and start socializing.


Medialytics is brought to you by one of our Wistia Community admins! This handy dashboard tool allows you to collect all of your video analytics wherever they may live. Get your Wistia stats, video viewing analytics from Facebook, and your YouTube stats all in one place, and see the big picture of how all your videos are doing in one glance.

“Medialytics has not only made our video analytics more digestible, but the in-depth breakdown by date ranges, location, and device truly helps narrow down our target audience and engagement. Wistia, YouTube, and Facebook have definitely found their perfect companion in Medialytics.”
Adam Lessell, Multimedia Coordinator at Valir Health

Get set up with the Medialytics<>Wistia integration, and start pulling in all of your video analytics for a data-driven video marketing strategy.

Your videos deserve a lot of power

Video works hard for your business, and tools that make your strategy and processes easier and more informed can help your videos go that much farther. We’re proud to be adding on integrations that will help our customers succeed with video. Want to integrate with Wistia? Send us a note.

July 24, 2017

Topic tags

Margot Mazur

Margot Mazur

Business Development

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