How to Record Your Screen and Webcam in Wistia

Learn how to record yourself with Wistia’s new webcam and screen recorder.

May 3, 2023

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Austin Canary


3…2…1… Record! Wistia’s new video recorder gives you the power to make marketing videos for your business without all the typical challenges that come with a big video production.

Why make videos with a screen and webcam recorder? Well, it’s super scalable. Whether you want to make a new video for a product launch, create a how-to tutorial, or give some insights from a thought leader’s perspective, it’s really easy with Wistia’s video recording feature.

Plus, you don’t need a fancy setup or an expert team to get things rolling. In fact, this article will show you how to record videos in Wistia. You’ll also learn how to turn those videos into powerful marketing assets.

Ready to start recording? Let’s go!

How to record my screen and webcam

To record your screen and webcam, you’ll need to get a Wistia account (or log in to an existing one). With any Wistia plan, you get access to the best online screen and webcam recorder for marketers.

Don’t see the studio in your account? You’re probably on a Legacy plan. To get access to recording, editing, and a whole lot more, check out our updated plans or get in touch today!

Once you’re logged into your Wistia account:

  1. Open the Studio tab on the left sidebar.
  2. Hit the “Create” button in the top right.
  3. Select the “New Recording” option.

The online video recorder will open. From here, you’ll want to prepare to record:

  1. Navigate to the “Record my” drop-down menu.
  2. Select “Camera & Screen.”
  3. Decide if you want to record the browser tab, the browser window, or the entire screen.

By default, Wistia will set your video and audio sources to the system default.

If you need to change your video and audio source:

  1. Set the video source to your webcam.
  2. Set the audio source to your microphone.

Now you’re ready to start recording yourself and your screen with Wistia!

To start the recording:

  1. Find the “Start Recording” button at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Wait for the three-second countdown…
  3. And record your video masterpiece!

Looking to only record your webcam or screen? Follow these steps:

How to record your webcam only

When you simply want to record yourself on your webcam:

  1. Navigate to the “Record my” drop-down menu.
  2. Select “Camera Only.”

Now, when you press “Start Recording,” it will only record your webcam.

How to record your screen only

When you just want to record what’s on your screen:

  1. Navigate to the “Record my” drop-down menu.
  2. Select “Screen Only.”

Now, when you press “Start Recording,” it will only record your screen.

How to edit your video recordings

With your recording wrapped up, you can edit the video right in Wistia before sharing it with your audience.

Learn the ins and outs of how to edit videos online in Wistia!

All you need to do is press “Edit” on the recording you just created, and the recording will open in the Wistia editor.

From within the video editor, you can:

  • Trim, split, or delete clips
  • Stitch in another media
  • Add transitions to your video

Once you’ve finished editing your recording, you’ll need to export the file as a new media.

  1. Press the “Export Changes” button in the top right corner.
  2. Select “Export as New Media.”
  3. Choose where to save the new media in the content library.

And voila! Now you’ve got your polished video recording ready to share.

Want to get more from your video recording? Be sure to add a lead generation tool to your video like a Call to Action (CTA), a lead gen form, or even an Annotation Link.

Share your video recording

With your video edited and ready to be seen by the world, it’s time to share it. Depending on the type of video, you might want to share it by:

  • Embedding the video on your website
  • Sending the video link and thumbnail via email
  • Posting it on social media

To share your video from Wistia, simply:

  1. Open the media you want to share from your content library.
  2. Select “Embed & Share” at the top right corner.
  3. Choose your sharing method and follow the instructions.

Yes! Your video is now out in the wild. Now it’s time to track its performance.

Track the video performance

You can measure your recording’s performance with Wistia’s video analytics. Keep track of video metrics like:

  • Play rate
  • Engagement rate
  • Conversion rate

To increase your video’s play rate, consider the thumbnail, embed placement, and player customization.

If your video needs better engagement, consider the video length, the content, and the narrative structure of your video.

If you’re hoping to get more conversions, be sure to add a CTA or a lead generation form to your video and experiment with where they land on the video timeline.

Tips for video recording yourself

We’ve got some pro tips to help you look good on a webcam and make your screen recordings even better.

Tips for your recording tech setup

You can put together a pretty great webcam setup for your recordings. Here are the main tips:

  • Use an external webcam and microphone.
  • Test your audio and video before you start.
  • Face a light source (diffused window or LED).
  • Keep your background noise-free (visually and audibly).
  • Frame yourself in the center and at eye level with your webcam.

Tips for your presentation recording

When recording yourself on camera, it can sometimes feel intimidating — especially when going at it solo. Here are some tips to make your recording presentations even better:

  • Keep your presentation brief.
  • Give yourself permission to fail.
  • Get comfortable and loose.
  • Have your talking points ready.
  • Make time for your recording session.
  • Keep it conversational and authentic.

Your video recordings don’t have to be perfect! By following these tips, you can have fun in the process and that realness will come through for your audience.

Types of videos to make with a screen recorder

You can make a ton of marketing videos with just a webcam and screen recorder! Some of the key videos you can record by yourself are:

  • Product videos: overviews, demos, tutorials
  • Educational videos: how-tos, industry deep-dives
  • Expert videos: thought leadership, subject matter expert insights

Get the most from your video recordings

You’re putting all this work into the presentation, so you want to be sure people are watching it and engaging with it! Why settle for a typical screen-sharing video when you can make a great recording and polish it up right in Wistia? Try out the recorder today — it’s available on all plans, including the free one.

Austin Canary


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