Behind the Scenes of Unbounce’s Educational Video Series

Meryl Ayres


Here at Wistia, we’re always trying to think of new ways to create meaningful connections with our customers and generate helpful content. When Unbounce launched the Landing Page Sessions in November, we were impressed that their video series achieved both these goals simultaneously.

In this educational series made up of 12 episodes, Oli Gardner, co-founder of Unbounce, breaks down real marketing campaigns and offers his expert advice on what works and what needs improvement.

Thus far, with three released episodes, their campaign’s videos have received over 3,000 views and captured over 600 email addresses via Wistia’s Turnstile email collector.

The lean production team at Unbounce had their work cut out for them from the onset, but their scrappy tactics kept everything moving forward, even with some unexpected roadblocks.

The team

Oli Gardner, co-founder of Unbounce, lent his landing page expertise and starred in the series. Stephanie Saretsky, Multimedia Producer at Unbounce, concepted the series, managed pre-production, shot all 12 episodes, and edited the footage into sequences. Then, Felix Cha, the team’s videographer, used After Effects to smooth over transitions and add animations and bumpers. Finally, junior campaign strategist Chelsea Scholz managed all of the marketing strategy, from the microsite to PPC to email campaigns.

The gear


The Unbounce team asked their audience to submit their landing pages with explanations of why they wanted to be critiqued. After sorting through hundreds of entries, Stephanie and Oli chose 12 pages and asked the respective companies to send emails and ads related to their campaigns.

After deciding on each episode’s theme, they wrote out loose scripts to dictate the general flow of each episode, and began to shoot.

The shoot

With a limited timeline, Stephanie shot all 12 episodes with Oli over the course of three days. “We shot from 12–5 for three days straight,” Stephanie explained. Shots included Oli at a computer, Oli’s computer screen, and occasionally, Oli at a whiteboard.

Since the shoot was over a short time period and the series lasts until February, they changed some details accordingly. “We wanted to make the shoot seem longer, and we wanted viewers to know that Oli had more than one shirt,” Stephanie joked.

The team started their first day of shooting in the general office space in hopes of creating a casual vibe. When the shoot proved to be too disruptive to their teammates and the “background” audio wasn’t what they expected, they moved to a meeting room for the following days.

“Lighting was the trickiest part,” explained Stephanie. “Both the whiteboard and Oli’s glasses posed problems, but we ended up opting for quality audio over perfect lighting.”


After Stephanie edited the content into sequences, she passed the videos to Felix, who added effects and overall polish.

“Since our episodes weren’t entirely scripted, some of the cuts didn’t match up perfectly,” Stephanie said. “We decided to use interstitial music to denote a change in ’scene’ and make the change in cuts less abrupt.”

After completing a first pass of edits, they uploaded each episode into Wistia and emailed the link to stakeholders for review.

Often, companies seek out external actors and experts to teach their audiences, but odds are, you’re surrounded by capable experts on your team. Why not document their candid advice and offer it up for free (or in exchange for an email address)?

Video series like the Landing Page Sessions, while time-consuming to produce, can offer tons of value, while serving as effective lead generation tools. Luckily, with a scrappy and creative production team, a video-centric campaign is well within your reach.

Meryl Ayres


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