9 Best Online Video Editors For Creating Great Marketing Videos

Here’s a list of some of the best online video editor platforms.

October 17, 2023

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Austin Canary


When you’re creating marketing videos, fancy video editing suites like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro can be too much for the everyday marketer. Often, a simple online video editor will do the job just fine.

The great thing about web-based video editing is that you can access the editor from anywhere, making collaboration easy for your team. Many online editors also offer affordable pricing options and are user-friendly even for those with limited video editing experience. And the best part? Some editors even come with other capabilities like video recording or hosting.

With many online video editors to choose from, you might be wondering which ones are the best. Lucky for you, we rounded up some of our top picks. Take a look!

1. Wistia’s online video editor

Let’s kick off with our own video editor. With it, you can easily:

We’ve seamlessly integrated this editor into our video marketing platform, which also comes with a screen and webcam recorder, ad-free video hosting, detailed video analytics, and much more. This means you’ll have all the tools you need right at your fingertips to create, host, share, and track your videos — all in one place. No more downloading videos or jumping between different platforms!

“You have all the tools you need right at your fingertips to create, host, share, and track your videos — all in one place.”

Our online video editor is available across all plans, including the free one.

Learn how to edit videos online in Wistia.

2. invideo

invideo is a minimalist and user-friendly video editing platform. It offers over 5,000 customizable templates and a treasure trove of stickers and vectors you can use to jazz up your videos.

invideo also has other features that’ll give your videos that extra oomph like transitions, royalty-free music tracks, stock videos, and more. If you’re on a paid plan, you can remove the background in your videos and replace it with a solid color or another background.

The one thing we don’t like is the extensive sign-up process where you have to answer a long list of questions before you can start editing your videos. That, and the fact that you’d have to download your videos and upload them somewhere else if you want to host them on your site.

3. Riverside

Riverside is a video recording and editing tool with a few nifty features:

  • AI-generated transcriptions
  • Text-based editing
  • The ability to record and edit up to eight audio and video tracks at once
  • Easy sharing on social media

There’s a drawback, though: You can’t host your edited videos on Riverside. After you’re done slicing and dicing your video, you’ll have to upload it to another platform like Wistia if you want to host and share it.

4. Clipchamp

If you’re looking to throw together quick template-based videos, Clipchamp might be just what you need. It’s the default video editor website that comes with Windows. With it, you can trim clips, add text, toss in some music, resize your video, and more. Its most notable features include auto captions and the ability to turn text into natural-sounding speech.

You can export 1080p videos without any watermarks with the free version.

That said, the free version doesn’t come with everything. Clipchamp keeps many of its features and tools locked behind the subscription curtain. And it can take quite a while to export videos from this online video editor.

5. Wave.video

You can use Wave.video to not only edit your videos but also host them. It goes a step further by allowing you to record your webcam and screen, and even host live streaming events.

With Wave.video’s video editor, you have a range of basic editing options at your fingertips. You can crop, trim, resize, and merge video clips. Plus, you can add automatically generated subtitles, text overlays, and more. The platform also provides a wealth of video templates to choose from. Need an attention-grabbing ad for your latest campaign? Wave.video’s got some templates you can use. Looking to create an engaging social media video? They’ve got you covered, too.

If you’re using the free plan, do note that videos are limited to 15 seconds in duration. It’s also worth mentioning that Wave.video doesn’t offer video analytics, so you won’t have insights into how your videos are performing.

6. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a lightweight browser-based version of Adobe’s renowned offline video editing software. The tool supports multiple video formats, which is particularly handy for combining videos from different sources — say, a video camera, a smartphone, or a zoom meeting recording.

Adobe is a well-known name in the creative industry, and its online video editing software is among the most robust on the market. However, it’s just an editor. If you want to host your videos, embed them on your site, or track their performance, you’ll have to upload your videos to another platform like Wistia.

7. WeVideo

WeVideo is a platform for creating and editing videos. You can use it to record your screen, webcam, or both, and then easily trim, split, or merge your recordings (or any videos you’ve uploaded). It’s so user-friendly that you’ll feel like a pro right away.

What’s more, WeVideo offers animation tools and a library of copyright-free images, videos, and audio clips that can take your videos to the next level. And here’s a fun feature: You can replace the background of your video using the green screen option.

If you’re on the free plan, there are some limitations to keep in mind. You can only publish up to five minutes of content per month, you get 1GB of cloud storage, and the maximum video resolution is 480p. This isn’t nearly enough for anyone who’s serious about video marketing.

8. Kapwing

Kapwing is an online video editor that can also record your screen. What’s cool about it is that it lets you collaborate on video editing in real time. You can rearrange, split, trim, and add clips in real time — a bit like Google Docs for video.

One of Kapwing’s standout features is its AI-powered tool that can whip up transcripts of your videos and add subtitles to your videos automatically. While it might not have fancy stuff like chroma keying or motion tracking, it does offer stock videos and background music, which is perfect for making content for social media.

Just keep in mind that if you’re working with large files or have many people editing at once, it might slow down a bit. Also, the free version has some limitations; it adds watermarks to your videos and caps the video length at four minutes.

9. Promo

Promo.com is a video creation and editing platform designed mainly for making ads and social media videos. With Promo’s editor, you can:

  • Trim clips
  • Crop clips
  • Resize the aspect ratio of your videos
  • Add background music
  • Add stock footage
  • Add your logo and watermark

They don’t offer a free plan, but when you sign up for a paid account, you get access to a whopping 5,000+ templates. This means you’ll have a great head start in the editing game.

We also recommend Promo for editing YouTube videos!

Whether you’re aiming for landscape, square, or vertical videos, Promo has you covered for various social media platforms. What’s even more convenient is that you can easily transfer all your Promo creations straight to Wistia. There, you can host your videos, share them, and keep track of how well they’re performing.

Get the best online video editor that can do it all

Each option comes with its own advantages, but if you’re looking for a user-friendly online video editor that can also help you streamline your entire video production process and video marketing process, Wistia’s just what you need.

When you edit your videos in Wistia, you can also host them there, share them far and wide, and analyze their performance — all without leaving the platform. Not to mention that Wistia also offers a variety of integrations and lead capturing tools to help you make the most of your marketing videos.

Want to give Wistia’s editor a try? Either sign up for a free Wistia account or find a plan that works best for you and your team.

October 17, 2023

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Austin Canary


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