Customer Showcase

Get inspired by some of our most creative customers,
and allow us to toot their horns a bit while we're at it—toot toot!
  1. Introducing Sales Reps in a Memorable Way

    Sales has a bit of stigma attached to it, and all too often, prospects are on the defensive from the get-go. SaleCycle is using video to combat this phenomenon.

  2. Pulling an April Fools’ Prank

    Sometimes, having fun is the only excuse you need for creating a video. That was the genesis of this project, which introduced the world to Moz’s latest offering: Snapchat Support.

  3. Introducing the Team

    If you’ve ever been on either side of an acquisition or merger, it can be an unsettling experience. Questions like, 'Who are these new people who will suddenly be my coworkers?' are bound to cross people’s minds.

  4. Saying Goodbye to Email Subscribers

    HubSpot discourages people from opting out of their emails with this humorous video.

  5. How Casper Describes their Mattress Design

    Casper highlights their dedication to detail and explains the science behind their design.

  6. Selling an Action-Packed Vacation

    San Diego Surf School's GoPro video gives viewers an insider's perspective of their program.

  7. Demonstrating an Ordering Process

    Sticker Mule shows people how to order custom stickers with this upbeat explainer video

  8. Raising Money for a Nonprofit

    Classy produced this video for one of its clients to showcase their philosophy.