Product Spotlight: A Look Back at the Features We Released This Year

Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane and revisit the key features we introduced each month in 2023.

January 2, 2024

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Jean Merlain


As we put a bow on 2023, let’s take a moment to reflect on the exciting year we’ve had at Wistia. It’s been all about upgrading our platform and releasing new features to help our users level up their video marketing game.

We didn’t just stop at a few tweaks. We went big and rolled out over 80 new features — a massive leap from the 12 we released in 2022!

Our new features include native screen and webcam recording, team commenting, artificial intelligence (AI) tools, and new integrations. We also made upgrades to Wistia Live, our video analytics, and more. These releases have transformed how our users interact with Wistia and set new standards for how they engage with their audience in meaningful ways.

Come join us as we take a stroll down memory lane and revisit the key features we introduced each month.

January: Elevating video editing and centralizing your content

Stitching: We kicked off the year on a high note by enhancing our video editor with a new stitching feature. It lets you easily add a clip to any video, making professional editing more accessible than ever.

Zoom integration: We saw the importance of keeping all your videos in one place and introduced the Wistia + Zoom integration to offer a more unified video management experience.

February: Analytics by embed location

We upgraded our analytics to make it easier for you to track your videos’ performance, no matter where they’re posted. You can now see analytics by embed location right from the overview page.

March: A polished editing experience

Our video editor got another upgrade! This time, we introduced new high-fidelity waveforms and sleek transitions to give both novice and seasoned video editors a more polished editing experience.

April: Flexible bandwidth allotments

Knowing that our Premium customers have different needs, we introduced bandwidth allotments. This means more flexibility throughout the year and no more surprises with bandwidth overages.

May: YouTube integration and video highlights

YouTube integration: We updated our YouTube integration to make it possible for you to import videos from your YouTube account. This brings all your videos into one spot, making managing your content a whole lot easier.

Video highlights: We tapped into AI to add video highlights to your editing toolkit. Now, you can quickly identify and isolate the best parts of your videos, saving you time and effort.

June: Background music

Using Smart Tracks technology, we rolled out background music to let you add royalty-free music to any of your videos. This makes your content more fun and engaging for your audience.

Our background music perfectly matches the length of your videos and works with both intros and outros. And the best part? We made this feature available on all our plans.

Check out our monthly Product Spotlight blog posts to learn more about all of the new products and features we’ve released throughout this year.

July: Customizable teleprompter

We gave our free video recorder a built-in teleprompter to help keep your video content focused and on track.

August: Expanding our integrations and flexibility

Hootsuite integration: We launched an integration with Hootsuite to help streamline the process of sharing your Wistia videos on social media.

Dynamic layouts for recording: We introduced the ability to switch between different recording views in the editor. Now you can glide between camera, screen, and split-screen views. This gives you more creative control over how your videos look.

Form conversion analytics: We updated our media analytics section with a new conversion analytics tab, making it easy to track conversion rates and spot potential leads for each video.

September: Enhancements to editing and analytics

Intro and outro music: We enhanced our background music feature so it’s easy to jazz up the beginning (and end) of your videos with our royalty-free tracks. No audio editing required.

Text-based editing: Now it’s possible to turn your transcript into your editing sidekick and scrub out those “uhs,” “ums,” and other unwanted parts of your video. Highlight entire sections from your transcripts or search for keywords to find the exact parts you want to cut out.

In-depth traffic analytics: We made it easier for you to understand where your audience is coming from with our new in-depth traffic analytics. You’ll gain valuable insights into their referrals, viewing devices, plays, and engagements tied to your UTM parameters.

Revamped support experience: We made our support team more accessible so that you can get the help and resources you need more efficiently.

October: AI chaptering

We introduced AI chaptering, which automatically creates intuitive and accurately labeled chapters in your videos for better navigation.

November: Upgrades to Wistia Live plus a new integration

Wistia Live: We upgraded Wistia Live’s infrastructure to improve stability and the overall user experience.

Wistia + We combined the powers of Wistia and to streamline your video marketing workflows.

December: Wrapping up with a new Chrome extension and more

Record Chrome extension: We released a new Chrome extension to let you record videos from your browser in just a few clicks. Just install the extension from the Chrome store and start recording right from your toolbar.

Tagging via the API: With the Wistia API, tagging becomes a breeze. Now you can create, list, and delete tags. You can also update what tags are associated with your media with Media#update, see what tags are associated with your media with Media#show, and filter by tag or tags with Media#list.

Domain blocklist for Wistia Live: Now Wistia Live allows you to choose who gets to join your events. Want to block competitors or certain registrants? Just specify the domains you’d like to exclude before the event. Head over to the scheduled event, open the registration tab, and select “Restrict Access” to add the domains you want to block.

That’s our 2023 year in review

We’re proud to have brought you these new features and products to help you supercharge your video marketing strategy, gain deeper insights into your video performance, generate more leads, and improve your overall audience engagement.

While we’ve covered a lot, this isn’t everything. Check out all 80+ updates from this year right here.

And stay tuned — 2024 has even more exciting stuff coming your way!

January 2, 2024

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Jean Merlain


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