3 Steps to an Easy and Inexpensive Video Testimonial

Chris Savage

Founder, CEO

You can make a great video testimonial in just a few minutes, without spending any money. Don’t believe us? Our friends at Fibrecamp prove that you can make a short one-take testimonial that is as engaging as a professionally produced video. Check out their testimonial:

Phil and Hannah sat in front of a camera, ran through their testimonial several times, and chose the best take. Yep, that’s it. They make it look easy, but to ensure that your one-take video is as effective as theirs, it’s best to keep several principles in mind:

1. Keep energy levels high

Without the illusion of motion created by scene changes and camera movement, it’s easy for the a video’s energy to fizzle out. But you don’t need fancy camerawork to keep your video snapping, crackling and popping. Upbeat subjects like Hannah and Phil can invigorate a one-take video. Phil and Hannah add energy by gesturing, talking emphatically, leaning towards and away from the camera, and interacting with each other through eye contact and quick dialogue.

2. Have a rough plan

Since you won’t be going back to edit out rambling digressions or awkward silences, it’s important to plan what you’re going to say. Know what points you want to cover and how you want to structure your testimonial. However, don’t prepare a script. You’ll lose the energy and sincerity of your testimonial if you’re reading off a page.

Hannah and Phil do a good job of this; they hit three points that they had clearly planned to cover (Wistia’s speedy embeds, tracking capabilities, and high quality), but they come across as relaxed and conversational.

3. Keep it short

Our research has shown that, when it comes to any online video, shorter is better. Most people have short attention spans. At exactly 60 seconds, Fibrecamp’s video was an excellent length. When you’re sticking to just one take, it’s especially important to keep your video short. After about a minute, the fixed frame will begin to seem stale and boring. Also, the longer the take, the more difficult it will be to keep up the energy and stay on topic.

Now you have all the secret clues to help you effortlessly create a great testimonial! For more testimonial tips check out 4 ways to keep videos engaging.

Chris Savage

Founder, CEO

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