January 13, 2014

Use Directr to Shoot and Edit Videos with Your iPhone

Alyce Currier


We’ve been talking a lot here about making video more accessible for every business, so we were stoked to see that our fellow Boston video nerds at Directr were working on a new business-specific video app.

To develop Directr for Business, the creators spoke with businesses working on their own videos to create templates for everything from product announcements to culture videos. While those people understood how powerful the medium is, video was largely inaccessible to them because of lack of budget, skills, or time.

Directr aims to help budding producers make something of relatively high quality quickly, with ideas through execution all in one app. You can work within their templates or shoot from your own script; regardless, I found the editing tools smooth and intuitive. When you finish your video in Directr, you can easily push it to various social media or even directly to your Wistia account.

I’ve never made a video myself before (other than the ones I made in high school for Spanish class... let’s not talk about those, okay?), and I used Directr to edit the video at the beginning of this post. I definitely encountered some challenges along the way (my first attempt that I did completely solo in selfie mode was so deadpan that Elise compared it to Ghost World) but Directr helped me focus on the message and not worry too much about learning more complicated software to edit an otherwise very simple video. With a lot of help from Elise, I think we achieved a presentable result!

You can download Directr for Business via the App Store or on their website. They even gave us a discount code! If you purchase any plan before the end of the month, get 20% off with the code "WISTIA".

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