August 24, 2011

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Jeff Vincent


Inspired by MailChimp’s awesome Customer Love blog series, we’re trying out one of our own, focused on customers and their use of web video.

Who: e-Awakening, AKA Dan and Marilyn Brielmann

What They Do: Community activists that use the power of video to spread their message and invite local folks to get involved.

Where: Abington, MA

Why We Love Them: A better question might be, “what’s not to love?” This husband and wife team are using their video and marketing skills to spread much-needed environmental messages to folks in the community. The people who work to clean up the environment often don’t get the attention they deserve. Dan and Marilyn of e-Awakening are working to change that.

Why Video Matters: Dan and Marilyn know that there are a lot of ways to spread their environmental message. Why do they choose to make videos? Marilyn explains, “I feel that video is an underused tool that has great potential for getting messages out. It uses more than one sense and it is the method of getting information to people in a way that they are most familiar with. When we see an image and hear the words, it’s more apt to lodge in our memory banks and will be recalled when we read, see or hear something that pertains to the subject.”

e-Awakening’s videos aren’t made on a studio budget, but for them the focus is the message. The goal is to inspire action in the local community. Dan says, “video is an extremely powerful tool. As community activists we use our skills to communicate messages that inspire and sometimes jog our conscience.”

What Keeps Them Inspired: “I think there is a great need for this kind of local communication. I can envision an opportunity for a socially moral force building a whole new awareness of what we can evolve to be as caring, sharing communities.”

To see more videos, including music videos, interviews and more check out e-Awakening.

Jeff Vincent


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