The New Wistia Marketplace: Do More with Video

April 20, 2016

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Kristen Craft

Business Development

We believe every business has a lot to gain from using video — and not just for marketing. We’ve been inspired by companies using video across their organizations, for everything from training new employees to nurturing new leads.

We get excited when our partners and customers use our APIs to build products and tools that enable new, powerful uses of video. That’s why, today, we’re especially excited to launch our official Wistia integrations page!

The goal of our new marketplace is to help you find technologies that integrate well with Wistia. Each integration featured on this page was built by our partners, using Wistia’s APIs. These partner companies empower you to go above and beyond the traditional Wistia features.

Why Wistia supports integrations

We’ve already received great feedback from people using these integrations. For example, InFlight Corporation has been using the Lead Liaison integration to collect leads from within their Wistia videos:

“Prior to this, we used YouTube and had no insight into who was watching our content. Now, we use Lead Liaison and Wistia together to identify the people and businesses that are watching our videos. We also qualify more visitors by scoring video engagement and use video analytics for retargeting campaigns within Lead Liaison. The integration helps us convert more website visitors into identified prospects, which get stored into Lead Liaison for subsequent lead nurturing.” - Karl Wierzbicki, Director of Marketing at InFlight Corporation”

We’re especially excited about partners who build integrations because they have expertise in industries and spaces we don’t know as well. For example, Cleeng knows monetization far better than we do, so we’re thrilled to let them teach us how Wistia videos can and should interact with paywalls. These partners have their own unique wheelhouses; many of our partners can envision new uses for Wistia better than we can.

How Wistia supports new integrations

We want to do as much as possible to enable others to build on Wistia. We do this, in large part, by refining our APIs and API documentation.

Furthermore, we try to give people as much help as possible when they’re building on top of the Wistia platform. Our Customer Happiness and Engineering teams field questions about our APIs and offer guidance to partners.

“I’ve been super impressed with the things folks build with Wistia’s APIs and also our ability to help support those projects! The folks on our Customer Happiness team enjoy navigating any API trickiness that comes up.” - Gordie Smith, Wistia Customer Champion”

We’re eager to continue refining the process for new integration partners, and eager to work more closely with companies who are interested in integrating with us.

We want your input

Given that this is new territory for us here at Wistia, we’re hungry for feedback! We want to know what you think of these integrations and what new ones you’d like to see. Please add comments to this post if you have ideas, and if there are new integrations that you want _us_ to build, please let us know.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

April 20, 2016

Topic tags

Kristen Craft

Business Development

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