Multilingual Video Captions, An Updated Trends Page, and New Video Quality Settings

June 15, 2015

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Casey Henry


Today, I’m happy to announce three new product updates that will give you further control over your audience’s experience and empower you to dig deeper into your overall video performance.

Captions in multiple languages

Multilingual captions are a great way to make your video accessible to everyone! Now, you can add captions in any language that you have an .SRT file for. When viewers click the “CC” button on the player, they are able to select their own caption language from a dropdown menu. Quelle surprise! Está bien. Sugoi!

To add captions to your video, go to the video page, click Video Actions, choose Customize from the dropdown, and open the Captions customization area. For more details, visit our Captions documentation.

The Trends page displays stats for the lifetime of your account. You can drill down to a particular date range to assess where any spikes come from and monitor monthly views.

In the graph above, we noticed that the “Video Gear” project was receiving an influx of views within our Library, resulting in a dramatic spike. In the past, we would have had a hard time understanding what caused that peak. Now, we are able to zoom into a specific time period, group data by videos instead of projects, and determine if a particular video was responsible for those new eyes!

Sure enough, we were able to discern from the graph that our “Shooting Video with an iPhone” video caused the influx in views.

In the past, adjusting this date range didn’t affect the list of individual videos or projects below it. We revamped the page so that the plays column updates to reflect the date range too. This is super helpful for answering questions like, “What videos have received the most plays in the past month?”

To see these stats for your own videos, click Stats on the main menu, and choose Trends from the dropdown.

New video quality options

Video quality is a highly debated subject within the video community. At Wistia, we recognize that there are two ends of the spectrum — those who want to deliver high quality video to all of their visitors regardless of buffering issues, and those who prioritize delivering their videos with as little interruption as possible.

This update gives you the power to decide which video quality works best for your business.

To adjust the video quality for your account, click on Account in the main menu, and choose Settings in the dropdown. From there, click Account in the right sidebar, and scroll down to the Video Quality settings. By default, all Wistia accounts are set to “auto,” which means we detect the speed of your visitor’s internet and serve them the quality that will result in the least amount of buffering time. This setting will ensure that each visitor is able to consume your video with the least amount of interruptions.


We would love to hear any feedback on this set of features or anything that might improve your experience with Wistia in the future! Feel free to let us know in the comments or reach out to the team.

Casey Henry


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