March 27, 2013

Introducing Wistia Labs

Alyce Currier


Toss on your lab coat and follow us for a tour of Wistia Labs: a new set of experimental video tools suited for the maddest of web video scientists. (Dim the Lights is featured above!)

It can be challenging to experiment with new functionality within a product when your ultimate goal is to keep things clean and simple. When you’ve got a quirky, out-there idea, or a new feature that’s crazy cool but only a few people will use, how do you avoid cluttering the product? How about features that are super useful but that you might not be able to guarantee compatibility with for every browser or platform?

We already launched the Twitter Follow Lab back in February, and now we’re happy to announce a whole bunch of new Labs.

The real beauty is that this is a great framework for us to be introducing new, experimental tools for you to try out all the time!

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