Become a Wistia Power User with These Six Help Center Pages

June 8, 2017

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Emily Coleman

Customer Happiness

Here at Wistia, there’s nothing more important to us than helping you get the most out of our product. You might stumble upon a term you’ve never heard of, or even get lost in the world of APIs — the truth is, it’s not always easy to know exactly what tool you need and how to use it.

That’s where the Wistia Help Center comes in. It’s chock full of rabbit holes of information, nuggets of power-user wisdom, quick tips, and of course, easter eggs. So here’s our list of the 6 most useful pages in the Wistia Help Center. Prepare to take your Wistia knowledge to the next level!

1. The Wistia Glossary

First up is one of the newest additions to the Wistia Help Center: the Wistia Glossary. We were inspired by MailChimp’s super informative technical support glossary, so we set out to make one of our own! Here you’ll find a high-level overview of all our terms and features. It’s the saving grace in a world of TL;DR. For more in-depth explanations, you can click through to our help pages.

The glossary is a great starting place for new users, and a fun learning ground for even the sagest of experts (even our Customer Champions find themselves in the glossary now and then). The glossary has tons of meticulous definitions (88 to be exact) and over 200 links to other definitions within the glossary. It’s like Wistia’s own Hall of Mirrors. It’s even got a few easter eggs.

Check out the glossary when you get a chance, and let us know if you think it’s missing anything!

2. Developer’s Landing Page

This one is an oldie but a goodie.

At Wistia, we’ve always taken pride in not only our APIs, but also in the documentation that supports them. We really like building stuff, and we hope other people are encouraged to build to their heart’s content with Wistia. We want to give you the tools you need to try new things, the room to mess up, and the opportunity to learn more.

Enter: the developer’s landing page. This page is an index of all technical documentation known to humankind (or at least to Wistia). Here you’ll find new ways to tinker with our product and make Wistia entirely your own. Upload from anywhere, build your own embed, create a custom playlist, and view stats on the go. It’s super easy to build your own system on top of Wistia — and that’s all thanks to these helpful little docs.

There’s an added bonus on the page too. Click on any of the closing tags in the header to see the magic.

3. Stats Pages

Like any good nerd, we love data at Wistia. We’ve created a number of stats pages to help you better understand your audience and what makes them tick. From heatmaps to engagement graphs — there’s no shortage of helpful nuggets when it comes to stats.

Let’s break it down. In Wistia, you can view:

Phew! Like we said — there are lots of ways to view stats in Wistia.

We understand that interpreting these numbers can sometimes be a wee bit tricky, which is why we provided some helpful baseline metrics, examples of stats we shoot for in our own videos, and more! Try those pages on for size and become a stats wizard today.

4. Sharing Page

Sharing is caring. That’s why we put a lot of TLC into making your video sharing experience as sweet as possible. Whether you want to embed your video on a landing page, or share a specific video with a select group of folks, we’ve got you covered over on the sharing page!

Put your masterpiece on display in different ways, depending on the needs of your audience. Did you know you can customize your video so that it starts playing at a specific time? It’s true, and the sharing page will show you how. You can even share your videos and track their success with your favorite email providers like Emma, HubSpot, MailChimp, Marketo, and more! The possibilities are endless.

5. File Management Page

Another unsung hero of the Help Center is our beloved file management help page.

You can think of this page as your one-stop shop for making sure your account is organized the way you like it. It’s like the container store, but for videos.

Want to arrange your videos by topic? Or perhaps you need to make copies of some specific videos? Learn it all on our file management help page. It might not be the most glamorous of topics, but it’s important when it comes to ensuring that your account runs like a well-oiled machine.

“It might not be the most glamorous of topics, but it’s important when it comes to ensuring that your account runs like a well-oiled machine.”

Even if you’re the sole user of your account, you can still use all the tools explained on this page to keep your content in order, get the most useful stats for your needs, and create playlists from your projects.

6. Password Page

Sometimes, when we make videos to show off a Wistia feature, we go for a utilitarian approach. We’ll show the feature in action, explain how to use it, and that’s that.

But sometimes, we get a little wacky (who, us? Surely not ).

In order to best demonstrate our Password tool, we decided to use the feature itself in a video, so people could really get a sense of how it works. But we couldn’t use just any video. We heard the call, and we came running… it was time to channel our best elves and dwarves and hobbitses.

If you want to watch the full video, use the password “wind.”

We hope you’ll come away from our Help Center both amused and better-informed about the possibilities in your Wistia account. Here’s to discovering your new superpowers!

Do you have a favorite help center? What businesses do you look to for inspiration?

Emily Coleman

Customer Happiness

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