June 26, 2009

Wistia’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Brendan Schwartz

Founder, CTO

Keyboard shortcuts aren’t generally the greatest selling point when you’re trying to market a new class of software product. You want to focus on ease of use. But when you start to use an application as part of your daily workflow, keyboard shortcuts can be a massive time-saver.

A few Wistia power users have been asking us about shortcuts in the application, so I thought I’d write a quick overview of what’s available.

Wistia Menu

From any page in Wistia you can access the top level menus by pressing the first letter of that menu:

  • p — Projects
  • s — Stats
  • a — Account

Once a menu is open you can use the arrow keys to navigate. Press enter to make a selection.

Wistia Quick Search

Perhaps the most useful keyboard shortcut is forward slash (/). Tapping forward slash anywhere in the application will bring focus to the search box at the top of the page. Type the first few letters of the project, media, or contact you’re looking for, use the arrow keys to navigate to the item you want, and hit enter to jump to it. Using search in this way is a great way to jump quickly from project to project. It’s also really useful if you want to find a contact.

Browsing Media

Browse Media

When you’re on a media page (i.e. viewing a video or document) you can jump to the next item in the project using the k key. To move to the previous item use j.

  • j — Previous item
  • k — Next item

Are there any keyboard shortcuts that would make your life easier? Let me know!

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