You Can Look Snazzy on a Webcam

October 10, 2012

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Alyce Currier


How many times have you caught yourself during a webcam chat or interview checking out your own face and wishing you looked a bit less undead? You’ve got two options to solve this problem: A.) put duct tape over that part of your screen until the interview is over, or our preferred answer, B.) make yourself look good so you can stop worrying about how you look and focus on what you’re saying. By default, webcams aren’t exactly flattering, but with a few tricks, you can significantly improve your webcam appearance. That person on the other side of the screen better watch out.

Here’s Chris’s guide to making webcam shots less unflattering:

Chris references our recent DIY lighting post as a reference if you’re using a lighting setup, but in a pinch, you can even settle for the light thrown off by a computer monitor. You can use iGlasses to adjust webcam settings on a Mac — it’s available for $19.95 and there’s a free demo to try. There’s also a Windows version.

Do you have any tips for looking better on a webcam? Are you going to use these tips when you Skype with your long-distance boyfriend tonight? Whatever you do, never say Wistia didn’t help you out with your love life.

Alyce Currier


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