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Featured : Production

How to Shoot Professional Instagram Stories for Your Business

By leveling up your stories with these fresh tips for shooting and editing, you'll stand out from the rest of the feed and give your followers something to talk...
by Trevor Holmes - January 9, 2018 -
Featured : Company News

Farewell to the 'Fest: Why We're Ending Our Annual Conference

Saying farewell to WistiaFest was a super hard decision to make, but we're looking forward to a future full of opportunities to gather and learn.
by Chris Savage - January 8, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Before You Make a Facebook Teaser Video, Consider This

Here's everything we learned about making teaser videos for Facebook, including what to avoid and tips for moving forward with a strategy that really works.
by Jenny Mudarri - January 3, 2018 -
Featured : Company News

The 2017 Wistia Rap-Up

Grab a box of Kleenex and a bottle of champagne, and get ready to relive the greatest Wistia moments from 2017.
by Jordan Wellin - December 20, 2017 -
Featured : Production

Behind the Scenes of Our In-House Video Team

How does an in-house video production team operate at a company that's all about video? You're about to find out.
by Jenny Mudarri - December 19, 2017 -
Featured : Strategy

How to Create a Winning Video Testimonial Strategy

Persuading viewers in a short period of time that your product is the bee's knees is no easy feat, but with video testimonials, anything is possible.
by Jenny Mudarri - December 14, 2017 -
Featured : Product Updates

Autoplaying Videos Just Got Quieter

We've added a new twist to our autoplay feature. It rhymes with luted lottoplay.
by Molly Wolfberg - December 12, 2017 -
Featured : Strategy

3 Types of Videos Your Sales Team Needs

Add video into your sales process and bring the human touch back into your outreach efforts. Start experimenting with sales videos today!
by Jenny Mudarri - December 5, 2017 -
Featured : Production

Writing a Video Script, Hollywood-Style

Need inspiration for scripting your next video? These screenplays show what you can learn from the pros in Hollywood about writing dialogue that crackles and...
by Jordan Wellin - November 30, 2017 -
Featured : Strategy

How Resilient Coders Uses Soapbox to Create Video Cover Letters—and Hack the Opportunity Gap

Thanks to Soapbox video cover letters, Resilient Coders is helping to change the narrative when it comes to bias in the recruiting and hiring worlds.
by Jordan Wellin - November 28, 2017 -
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