#WistiaChat Round One: Marketing Automation

November 6, 2015

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Jenny Coppola


Last week, we kicked off our new bi-weekly TweetChat series, #WistiaChat, with a topic everyone’s been buzzing about lately — marketing automation. How does marketing automation help you reach your business goals? Do you incorporate video in your marketing automation strategy? During our chat, experts from the video marketing world and beyond chimed in with answers to questions like these.

We asked, you responded, and we all learned a whole lot. Here’s a recap of some highlights from this #WistiaChat:

Budgets and bandwidth can slow progress

Many video marketing folks function as a team of one. It can certainly be challenging — not only to find the budget to execute your plans, but also to find the bandwidth. It’s true that marketing automation is not for every team, but learning new tools and potential processes to increase efficiency can’t hurt.

When marketing automation works, it really works

For many of our #WistiaChat guests, marketing automation is a no-brainer. Maybe you’re using video data to score leads and optimize the sales cycle? Perhaps you want to grow your email list and deliver relevant content to the right people? Whatever the driving factor may be, video and marketing automation can contribute to a robust marketing strategy.

People are using video in all different ways

From video teasers to tutorials, folding video into your marketing automation strategy is incredibly powerful. Why not maximize the return on your investment in that video you just spent hours shooting and editing? Many of our #WistiaChat guests recognize this benefit and are using marketing automation to improve the reach of their content.

Email lists are filling fast

These days, it’s easy for prospects to stop by your website, poke around, and then leave, never to be heard from again. Staying in touch with the people who actually like what you’re producing is crucial. Many Wistia customers use our Turnstile feature to collect names and email addresses. Collecting emails and sending content to well-aligned recipients may sound complicated and time-consuming, but doesn’t have to be a painful process when it’s integrated with marketing automation.

See you next time!

Want an even more in-depth look at what went down during the chat? Check out our Storify!

We’re always open to suggestions for new #WistiaChat topics to explore in the future, so please let us know if you have something in mind in the comments below.

If you’re feeling some FOMO from missing out on our first #WistiaChat, never fear — our next chat is Tuesday, November 10th at 3 PM, and it’s all about video production and shooting video solo. Be sure to join us!

Jenny Coppola


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