May 30, 2012

Using Membership Systems to Monetize Your Video

Adam Zais


At Wistia, we are laser focused on helping companies grow their business through web video. But what if your business is the video content itself?

Maybe you happen to know something that other people want to know too (amazing recipes for meatless lasagna?). Or, you’ve taken the trouble to become an expert in something that other people also want to learn (underwater dodgeball strategies?). And because you are thoroughly modern and hip, you’ve turned that knowledge into some fantastic videos. If that’s the case then you’re likely in the sizable group of folks who over the years have asked us:

“Is there a way to harness the power of Wistia to directly sell my video tutorials, courses and other content?”

We’re happy to report that there are now two partners that provide membership systems that integrate seamlessly with our platform to help you turn your video content into cash.

What’s a member system? They make it easy to create a wide variety of paywalls for your videos — whether it’s a one-time purchase or a full-blown membership program to keep your viewers engaged longer. Our focus remains squarely on the marketing side of web video, but for those of you looking to generate revenue from your video content we wanted to highlight these solutions.

Both of the partners described below let you host and manage your videos from your Wistia account while controlling access and payment through their products. This means you get all the analytics, smooth playback and functionality you’ve come to expect from Wistia-hosted videos, with the added capability of monetizing your video content.

  • LabVidz: What do you want to do with your business video? LabVidz has some answers.
  • MemberMouse: MemberMouse is a marketing-focused membership platform with unlimited phone & email support.

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