Our First Video #WistiaChat: Learn From the Experts

December 15, 2015

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Margot Mazur

Business Development

The first video #WistiaChat was so much fun! We had a blast chatting with video marketing experts from around the world — all a part of our Wistia Community. We talked about video marketing strategy, SEO implementation, marketing automation, and everything in between. Our guest speakers were Daniel Loeschen, Enget Dang, Jessica Webb, Steven Howe, and Bart Buerman. You can read more about them in this Community thread.

Missed the chat? No worries, you can watch the whole recording!

Make your customers the stars

Across the board, folks in our chat use customer story videos to market their products. Shooting stories allows you to promote your product through customers who’ve succeeded in using it. These videos give prospective customers relatable content, and help them identify with current customers using your product. You can watch Daniel Loeschen’s video of their customers, McClure’s Pickles (yum!) below.

Shooting customer stories also allows you to collect other amazing footage, such as company B-roll that can be used in future videos and short testimonials.

Video content is a great way to keep your customers engaged with your brand. It’s also an effective way to capture visitors’ attention. We love creating video content for our community members at Wistia, and the larger video community around the world. How do you create video content? You can hear what our panel said about their video marketing strategies in this section of the chat.

Never stop learning

We all have our marketing fails. Learning from our mistakes makes us better marketers, and admitting our mistakes gives us the opportunity to ask for advice from those who have been there. What was a marketing mix up that you learned from? Let us know in the Community, and hear all about our panelists’ mistakes in this part of the chat.

Jessica Webb and Daniel Loeschen spoke about personas, and how waiting to create them for their contacts was a costly mistake. Laying out personas for your audience creates a clear map for your marketing strategy, so you can spend time creating the most valuable content you can. How did you start your persona creation? Let us know.

2016 is all about video

We all agree — quick, real-time, and approachable video is coming up in 2016. SnapChat, Periscope, and Meerkat put real-time video on everyone’s phone, and we believe companies will soon be inspired to create more videos as part of their content marketing and social media strategies.

An overwhelming amount of #WistiaChat-ters said mobile video and quick reaction times will be key in 2016. Wistians like Dan Freund are making timely professional quality video a reality by editing on mobile through apps like iMovie for iOS. You can hear more about what our panel predicted for the new year in this part of the chat!

How do you shoot quick, responsive video?

Marketing automation works. Take the time to do it right.

Marketing automation is no longer a young idea — for many business leaders, it’s the key to their marketing strategies. HubSpot’s Jessica Webb stated that “50% of my job is utilizing automation.” Three marketing automation platforms (Pardot, HubSpot, and Marketo) were represented in #WistiaChat — all of which have Wistia integrations.

Jumping into marketing automation takes time. Thankfully, there’s tons of material to start learning. Check out Wistian Andrew’s blog post on scoring leads with video. How do you integrate video with marketing automation? Let us know, and hear what the panel had to say.

Make SEO human

SEO doesn’t have to be the scary, little understood term of the past. Instead of focusing on tricks to make your content more searchable, consider whether the content you create is worth searching for. In the words of Daniel Loeschen, always think: “Are we producing quality content that matters to the people searching for it?”

Watch our #WistiaChat panel deliver their SEO tips.

Margot Mazur

Business Development

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