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Featured : Company News

Announcing the Winners of the #getonyoursoapbox Contest!

We put out a call to see who could create the most creative Soapbox videos, and you responded in spades. Here are the winners of the #getonyoursoapbox contest in...
by Phil Nottingham - August 25, 2017 -
Featured : Production

Why We Get Stage Fright When We Turn on the Camera

The anxiety felt in front of a camera is one of the most common reasons people don't want to use video in their business: they're simply too afraid. So we decided...
by Jordan Wellin - August 24, 2017 -
Featured : Company News

Storytelling Night at Wistia: Fostering a Culture of Growth, Community, and Inclusivity

How hosting a Storytelling Night created a safe, inclusive environment for teammates at Wistia to share their personal stories of growth, and ultimately feel more...
by Jordan Wellin - August 22, 2017 -
Featured : Production

How to Record Your iPhone Screen

You can record your iPhone screen with nothing more than an iPhone cable and a Mac. It's a little known feature that Apple tucked away into Quicktime Player for...
by Chris Lavigne - August 17, 2017 -
Featured : Strategy

Using Video for Remote Team Building

Going remote and feeling a little nervous about it? Learn from these teams who use video to communicate in a more effective, authentic, and delightful way – from...
by Jenny Mudarri - August 15, 2017 -
Featured : Strategy

Give Your Sales Outreach a Makeover with Video Voicemails

Wistians now use personalized video voicemails throughout every stage of the sales funnel, and the results are encouraging. Email click-through rates are higher,...
by Jordan Wellin - August 10, 2017 -
Featured : Strategy

Inspire New Teammates with These Onboarding Videos

At some point, every team needs to bring on new members. Having a solid onboarding process in place ensures that new hires are getting the information they need...
by Meryl Ayres - August 8, 2017 -
Featured : Production

Make More Memorable Videos with This 1 Key Ingredient

Companies don't buy your products, people do. B2B companies need to make a human connection as much as Nike does to drive their brand and their sales. The parts...
by Meryl Ayres - August 1, 2017 -
Featured : Production

5 Simple Tips for Creating Efficient Video Workflows

Sit back and take a deep breath. Our video producer, Trevor, is here to show you 5 foolproof tips for creating stress-free, efficient video workflows.
by Trevor Holmes - July 27, 2017 -
Featured : Product Updates

A Faster, Better Way to Search and Organize Your Video Projects

Explore the latest and greatest features and tips, and see how your account stacks up against those on our hit game show: Good Account, Bad Account.
by Naike Romain - July 25, 2017 -
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